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Design Philosophy and Portfolio

Perfectionism in the creation of lasting and unique golf courses is achievable only through a singular and dedicated vision.

We believe that all projects deserve every ounce of our creativity, attention and passion.

Whether it is designing a new course, renovating an existing one or just offering a professional opinion, we are committed to long-term client relationships.

Design Philosophy

"On the surface, there are a seemingly infinite variety of golf courses. Yet, at their core, all great courses share an inarguable commonality: timeless strategic arrangements. Without this, the design is without soul."

"The key difference between a good design and a great one is getting the last 10% exactly right."

"Every golfer, regardless of skill level, must be given the opportunity to finish each hole. While the crack player should be presented with a risk/reward choice, the weaker player ought to be able to navigate the hole in a sporting manner.

"Any decent architecture can build a fine hole on an ideal piece of land. The art of design lies in the ability to construct compelling, naturalistic and unique holes on the land between the holes that nature has provided."

"In the modern era, with environmental constraints, housing considerations and riparian areas, few can truly claim to have designed a course alone. Architecture is often the art of navigation a vision through a series o compromises."

"Great architects understand that occasionally the client comes up with a brilliant idea nobody else thought of. Sometimes solutions come from a construction crew apprentice who dreams of one day designing a course of his own. The best ideas must always be used. Their source is irrelevant."

"A golf course, first and foremost, must have its own unique and distinct personality. At Neal Meaugher Golf, we deliver our clients far more than a collection of holes; our courses are built with the craftsmanship of the past, as guideposts for the future."


- Castlewood Country Club - Pleasanton, California 2014 Master Planning Services and Minor Course Renovation
- San Luis Obispo Country Club - San Luis Obispo, California 2011 Major Course Renovation.
- Kings River Golf and Country Club - Kingsburg, California 2008 Major Course Renovation
- Belmont Country Club - Fresno, California 2008 Major Course Renovation
- Lake Almanor Country Club - Lake Almanor, California 2005 Master Planning Services
- Woodbridge Golf And Country Club - Woodbridge, California 2003 Master Planning Services
- Palo Duro Creek Golf Club - Canyon, Texas 2002 Minor Course Renovation
- Glendale Country Club - Bellevue, Washington 2001 Major Course Renovation

For the following, Neal Meagher acted as primary golf course architect while with Graves and Pascuzzo:

- Seven Oaks Country Club - Bakersfield, California 1991 New Course Construction, 2002 New Course Construction
- Maderas Golf Club - Potway, California 2000 New Course Construction
- Crane Creek Country Club - Boise, Idaho 1995 Master Planning Services, 1999 Minor Course Renovation
- The Institute - Morgan Hill, California, 1999 New Course Contruction
- Sterling Hills Golf Club - Camarillo, California 1999 New Course Construction
- Merced Golf and Country Club - Merced, California 1999 Minor Course Renovation
- Del Rio Country Club - Modesto, California 1997 New Course Construction
- Saticoy Country Club - Somis, California 1996 Minor Course Renovation
- The Sea Ranch Golf Links - Sea Ranch, California 1996 New Course Construction
- Woodcreek Golf Club - Roseville, California 1995 New Course Construction
- McCall Golf Course Cedar Nine - McCall, Idaho 1995 New Course Construction
- Delta View Golf Course - Pittsburg, California 1994 Major Course Renovation
- Diamond Oaks Golf Course - Roseville, California 1994 Minor Course Renovation
- Rogue Valley Country Club - Medford, Oregon 1994 Major Course Renovation
- Lone Tree Golf Course - Antioch, California 1992 Minor Course Renovation
- Richmond Country Club - Richmond, B.C. Canada 1992 Major Course Renovation